About The Host


Hello, I'm Raven Forrest Fruscalzo

I'm a neurophysiology PhD student at the University of Notre Dame. My research is specifically focused around the mosquito olfactory system which, if I am successful, will lead to a new more affecting mosquito bait.

I am funded by the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program. After I earn my PhD I plan to return to work for the Department of Defense (I am a United States Air Force Veteran) researching how to protect our troops from disease transmitting insects and ticks.

I love talking with the public about science, especially entomology.  My passion for the insect world comes out pretty quick when I meet new people, a quirk that can scare off the less nerdy.

A diagnosis of severe dyslexia, disgraphia, discalcula, and spacial relation problems challenges me daily. This is likely lead to typos on the site and possible communication issues on the podcast. I trust that you, my listeners, will help me to repair these errors. Your kindness in this regard is greatly appreciated. I hope that my honesty on the subject will encourage others with learning disabilities.

When I'm not in the lab or working on the podcast I'm out camping with my husband (an electrical engineer and inventor) and our two wheaton terrier mixes. If not there I'm at home working on some sort of multimedia art project.