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Podcast Schedule & Year in Review

Podcast Schedule & Year in Review

Podcast Schedule 

iTunes and Stitcher are inundated with new podcasts and holiday episodes right now so there is a backlog of podcasts waiting to be posted. It is looking like Tiny Vampires episode 2 isn't going to be coming out in December. To make up for this there will be two episodes coming out in January. Also I’m going to try to stick to a schedule of releasing each new episode on the last Tuesday of every month. I hope this will keep things more consistent for you.

2016: Year in Review of Health & Science

2016 was quite a year, from the civil war in Syria to the US presidential elections to the loss of multiple American icons there were a lot of ups but mostly downs. While many news outlets are compiling their "year in review" segments to go over all of the twists and turns we remember from the year I wanted to do one for the things you may not have heard about. I put together a list of the different interesting things that were happening in the US and around the world. If something in the list sounds interesting click the link and it will take you to the story. 


- January- 

CRISPR-Cas9 in the Courts

 -The US Patent and Trademark Office tries to untangle the mystery of which research team first invented the DNA editing technique CRISPR–Cas9.


Zika Arrives in Puerto Rico

 - Puerto Rico begins to contend with its first case of locally transmitted Zika virus which was announced on the last day of 2015.  


State of Emergency in Flint Michigan

- President Obama declares a state of emergency in Flint Michigan after high levels of heavy metals and dangerous bacteria were found in the cities drinking water.


- February- 

Zika Causes Birth Defects

- The Zika Virus is officially associated with birth defects including microcephaly, arm and leg deformities, as well as joints with limited range of motion.  This lead to the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring the outbreaks of Zika virus in Brazil a global public-health emergency. 


Vaccinations Remain a Priority in Africa

 - Ministers in Africa dedicate themselves to keeping childhood vaccinations a priority.


- March- 

Number of Medical Residents in the US on the Rise

- More medical students received their residency than ever before.




- April- 

Massive Earthquake Rocks Ecuador

- 7.8 magnitude earthquake hits Ecuador killing hundreds, injuring thousands, and leaving a large percentage of the population at risk of disease. 


Europe Becomes a Malaria Free Zone

- Malaria is officially eliminated from Europe. After three years without a confirmed case of local transmission Europe becomes the first region in the world to be malaria free.  

New Strategy to Eliminate Leprosy Unveiled

- In New Delhi the WHO announces a new global effort to completely eliminate leprosy. The new strategy combines a focus on the reduction of stigma with tactics that have been successful in the past.


- May- 

Most of the World Unfriendly Towards Breastfeeding

- World Health Organization releases a report detailing the lack of laws protecting breastfeeding in most countries.

Tetanus No Longer a Problem For Mothers and Babies in South-East Asia

- One fourth of the world’s population is declared safe from maternal and neonatal tetanus as the 11 countries in South-East Asia are shown to have less than one case in every one thousand live births.


- June- 

Outbreak of Yellow Fever Ends in Angola

- Last confirmed case of Yellow Fever in Angola as the massive outbreak is brought to an end by a colossal vaccination effort. Many organizations including the Japanese government, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, and USAID contributed vaccine doses man power and funding to this successful effort.

Genes have Life After Death

 - It is discovered that some genes can activate after death.

Island Nations Defeat Disfiguring Disease

- Lymphatic filariasis, a disease transmitted by mosquitoes that causes devastating disfigurement, is officially eliminated from both the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

First Thai Generation Born HIV Free

- Thailand commended for being the first Asian country to prevent mother-to-child transmission of both syphilis and HIV. Although Thailand has a high HIV positive population antiretroviral therapies taken by mothers and babies has effectively halted this means of transmission. 


- July- 

Boiling 2016

- 2016 declared the hottest year on record 

DRC Ends its Yellow Fever Outbreak

- The same mass vaccination campaign that ended Yellow Fever in Angola declares victory in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the last case of the outbreak is confirmed. 

Zika Gains a Foothold in Florida

-The first case of locally transmitted Zika virus in the continental US appears in Miami Florida. 



- August- 

Oldest Vertebrate Identified

- Longest lived vertebrate discovered: the Greenland Shark shown to live 400 years.


Zika is an STI

- Sexual transmission of the Zika Virus is confirmed. 


Olympic Athletes and Spectators Worry Over Zika

- Zika was a big concern during the Olympic and Paralympic Games


EpiPen Skyrockets in Price

- The pharmaceutical company Mylan hikes price of the EpiPen which is a life-saving necessity for anyone that suffers from severe allergies. 


Antibiotic Resistant STIs Require New Treatment Plan

- The World Health Organization alters its recommendation for treatment of 3 common sexually transmitted infection due to the development of antibiotic resistant strains. 


 - September- 

Child Born With Three Biological Parents

- A biological technique that allows mothers with mitochondrial defects to give birth to healthy babies proves successful as the first infant to have three biological parents is born in Mexico. 


Common Cancer Test Unreliable

- Ovarian cancer tests are shown to be unreliable.


Sri Lanka's Herculean Effort a Wild Success

- After a shift in malaria control strategy from a focus on mosquito control to controlling the parasite and its vector Sri Lanka was declared malaria free. In the 1970s and 80s Sri Lanka was one of the countries with the highest rates of malaria. 


- October- 

Controversial CRISPR Cancer Treatment Attempted

- The first person to undergo a medical treatment using the DNA editing technique CRISPR-Cas9 begins their clinical trial. The treatment for lung cancer was conducted in China. 


Long Awaited Ross Sea Marine Reserve Dedicated

- World leaders create the Ross Sea marine reserve off the coast of Antarctica which is the world’s largest. 


Yemen's Unrest Leads to Cholera

- Massive cholera outbreak in Yemen  


Haiti is Devastated by Hurricane Matthew

- Hurricane Matthew slams Haiti killing hundreds and leaving many vulnerable to water-borne diseases such as cholera. This set a massive vaccination campaign in motion that would eventually deliver more than 729k doses. 


More Countries Join the Lymphatic Filariasis Free List

- Cambodia, Cook Islands, Niue and Vanuatu follow Maldives and Sri Lanka in eliminating lymphatic filariasis after 10 years of effort. 


Tiny Vampires Podcast is Syndicated

- First episode of Tiny Vampires posted and downloaded


- November- 


Zika is Here to Stay

- The World Health Organization changes the status of the Zika virus from a public health emergency to a long term public health challenge shifting the focus to the development of a vaccine and control of its vectors. 

New Fungal Disease a Concern

- Candida auris, a drug-resistant fungus, is added to the list of emerging diseases after an outbreak of 13 cases are reported in the US. 

A New Look at the West Nile Virus Strikes Fear

- Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas find that West Nile virus is deadlier than originally thought.

Zika Gains a Foothold in Texas

- Texas announces its first case of locally transmitted Zika Virus.

Blinding Disease Purged from Morocco

- Morocco eliminates trachoma (an infection that causes blindness) after a tremendously successful surgical, antibiotic, and community engagement program. 


- December- 

Ebola Vaccine Funding Pays Off

- Ebola vaccine tested in Guinea has shown to be 100% effective. 

Cholera a Serious Health Problem is Yemen

- Cholera outbreak in Yemen reaches more than 10k cases.

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