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Topic Schedule for Upcoming Episodes!

Topic Schedule for Upcoming Episodes!

If you send in topic suggestions or questions they will show up here in this schedule. It should also make it easier for you to find out the date of release for upcoming episodes because it isn't always easy to know what date the late Tuesday of the month falls upon.


26 Nov 2019

Episode 34: How do mosquito control devices work? - Joseph Montañez

Fog truck.jpeg

31 Dec 2019

Episode 35: What are the mosquito control trucks spraying around my neighborhood? - Di Jacobs

Guinea Worm.jpg

28 Jan 2020

Episode 36: What makes the guinea worm so special that Jimmy Carter is trying to eradicate it?


25 Feb 2020

Episode 37: Why can’t mosquitoes transmit HIV? Why can they transmit some viruses and not others? - Emma Little

accute flaccid myalitis.png

31 Mar 2020

Episode 38: What happened to cases of acute flaccid myelitis? - @MinistroCiencia



28 Apr 2020

Episode 39: Is it true that you will die if you get dengue more than once?





Agoraphobia Bonus Halloween Episodes

Agoraphobia Bonus Halloween Episodes