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Topic Schedule for Upcoming Episodes!

Topic Schedule for Upcoming Episodes!

If you send in topic suggestions or questions they will show up here in this schedule. It should also make it easier for you to find out the date of release for upcoming episodes because it isn't always easy to know what date the late Tuesday of the month falls upon.

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27 Feb 2018


Episode 16: How do public health authorities use urban planning to control populations of biting insects? - Ben Jacobs (part 1)


27 Mar 2018



Episode 17: What can be done by urban planners to disrupt infection of people with Lyme disease? - Ben Jacobs (part II)

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24 Apr 2018



Episode 18: The use of viruses to control pest insects like carpenter ants - Steve Guerra


29 May 2018

Episode 19: Why aren't oral parasitides available for cats and why are the topical parasitides so dangerous? - Yvonne Harris

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26 Jun 2018

Episode 20: The development of a vaccine for malaria - Mart Ottenheim






Podcast Schedule & Year in Review

Podcast Schedule & Year in Review