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Topic Schedule for Upcoming Episodes!

Topic Schedule for Upcoming Episodes!

If you send in topic suggestions or questions they will show up here in this schedule. It should also make it easier for you to find out the date of release for upcoming episodes because it isn't always easy to know what date the late Tuesday of the month falls upon.


28 Aug 2018


Episode 22: How can stomach bot flies live in such an inhospitable place? How do they breath? -Kyle Harrison


25 Sep 2018



Episode 23: What is Wolbachia and how does it stop disease transmission? 


26 Oct 2018

Episode 24: Can diseases pass from one mosquito to another?

some better than others.jpg

27 Nov 2018

Episode 25: Why do mosquitoes like some people more than others? - Dan Campbell


31 Dec 2018

Episode 26: How can a tick bite cause an allergy to red meat?






Podcast Schedule & Year in Review

Podcast Schedule & Year in Review